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BDB Foundation is a global blockchain company.
The core idea of BDB is to secure global users' participation and data to provide users with stable business contents. Furthermore, we provide platform development and differentiated marketing solutions for global companies, through overall consulting from the production of blockchain projects to marketing.

BDB Platform

Real time data of global user, which are created in the BDB Eco-System is shared through P2P networks.
p2p Wallet
Real time data of global user, which are created in the BDB Eco-System is shared through P2P networks.
Loan services of digital assets, virtual item assets, finance and insurance are provided. For enterprises, acceleration services such as crowd funding opportunity is provided.
Based on big data, which is generated in BDB Eco-System, profit models of distribution, shopping, journey, game and education are created.
BDB Eco-System
For global users, it makes easy to access open finance.
BDB Eco-System
In the BDB Contents Platform, global users can receive rewards through SNS activities and pay for products such as distribution, shopping, music, webtoon, and travel.

Hyper Chain Multi Wallet

Hyper Chain Multi Wallet

All in one Solution

Big Data
Supper Connect
Real time data of global user, which are created in the BDB Eco-System is shared through P2P networks.
Real time transaction and payment
Digital assets can be easily transferred and paid to anyone in the world without copying the other's wallet address with just the wallet user's name and phone number.
Safe anywhere in the world
Global users directly store it with a cold wallet security key and are protected by safe control
Dapp Browser
De-Fi platform, exchanges, game marketplace, travel and news are connected by this system


2020 3Q

BDB & SUCON Strategic business partnership agreement

2020 4Q

Hyper chain Multi Wallet app beta service

listing on global exchange

2021 1Q

Test version release of blockchain eco-system contents

Convergence service launch of decentralized big data and De-Fi

2021 2Q

Audition contents dapp open

Asia distribution Dapp content open

2021 3Q

Game Dapp Open

Token Allocation

BDB Team and Advisor

Lee Yon Gin
  • Coupang mobile service 2.0 development
  • Samsung electronics Samsung music APP development
  • LS industrial systems solar Cloud IOT system development
  • CJ&M Superstar K3 APP development
  • SBS news reporting APP development
  • SKT smart daily development
  • Ministry of Land, infrastructure, and Transport real estate electronic contract APP development
Emmanuel Adams
University of Nicosia
Lead representative for African region
Bitcoin Private on huobi
ICO Project Team Lead for CFA

Emmanuel Adams



ㆍ University of Nicosia M.Sc., Digital Currencies - MOOC ( 2017 ~ 2018 )

ㆍ Almeda University Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science ( 2000 ~ 2004 )

ㆍ Activities and Societies: ICT Team


ㆍ ICO Project Team Lead for Coin for All (CFA)

ㆍ Member for Alliance of Blockchain Professionals (ABP)

ㆍ Advisor for Refine Medium

ㆍ Head of PR for Curate

ㆍ Advisor for Fesschain

ㆍ Senior Business Developer for SUPERINKA

ㆍ Chief Executive Officer - Founding President for AceTVchannel

ㆍ Head Of Operations, Africa for EtherFlyer

ㆍ Founder / President for AfroDEXLabs

ㆍ CEO - Head Of Partnerships & Intergrations - Strategic Advisor for Plaas Farmers' Chain

Sharp (Maple) Ye
Ningbo University
Chinese Ambassador for Cartesi
Cartesi on Binance
Strategic Advisor for 2local

Sharp (Maple) Ye



ㆍ Ningbo University

ㆍ Bachelor's degree, information technologe


ㆍ Chinese Ambassador for Cartesi

ㆍ Cartesi on Binance

ㆍ Strategic Advisor for 2local

ㆍ Co-Founder for BTS Labs

ㆍ Regional Manager for Cryptonities

ㆍ Marketing Manager for CINEMADROM

ㆍ Advisor for HEdpAY Ltd

ㆍ Strategy Advisor for Youtopin

ㆍ Strategy Advisor for Podminers

ㆍ Advisor for HydroCoin

ㆍ Listing Advisor for Gooreo

ㆍ Strategic Advisor Texochat

ㆍ Marketing Specialist Bounty Bull

ㆍ Business Development Manager for KuCoin Exchange

ㆍ Global Marketing Specialist for China Wood Importers Committee

Dilip Ishara Abeysinghe
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Community Manager for ARPA Full-time
Arpachain on huobi
Regional Manager for Ontology

Dilip Ishara Abeysinghe



ㆍ Ngee Ann Polytechnic

ㆍ Software Engineer, Computer Science


ㆍ Community Manager for ARPA Full-time

ㆍ Arpachain on huobi

ㆍ Regional Manager for Ontology

ㆍ Ambassador for Effect.AI

ㆍ Community Manager for Ledger Capital

ㆍ Regional Manager for Krypital Group

ㆍ Bounty Manager for EiraCubeIO

ㆍ Business Development Expert (Global) for MEDIBIT

ㆍ Bounty Manager for Discipilina

ㆍ Bounty manager for VISO Inc.

ㆍ Community Manager for Srcoin


#1. What is BDB Coin?

BDB Coin is a cryptocurrency to be used in the decentralized big data marketplace, and after listing on the exchange, it plays the role of a digital asset. In addition, there is a BDB Pay token that is used for hyperchain multi-cold wallet developed by BDB Foundation. Hyperchain-based BDB Pay token implements 30,000 TPS (transaction processing speed) per second. The reason for this separation is to develop BDB Pay tokens to provide a simple service that allows you to quickly and quickly pay for digital assets such as WeChat Pay and KaKao Pay from the hyperchain multi-cold wallet using QR codes on mobile.

BDB Pay token is used to implement a place in the distributed big data Eco-System. For example, in Hyperchain Multi-Cold Wallet, BDB pay token is used as a fee to use big data on consumer. BDB pay token is also used as a fee for digital asset remittance or transfer. In addition, you can receive rewards from BDB Eco-System or pay for contents and products in real time at online markets and offline affiliates.

Hyperchain Multi Cold Wallet can be used not only with BDB cryptocurrency, but also with other types of cryptocurrencies. For safe security, cold wallet security key or biometric information such as fingerprint recognition are used.

The issuance of BDB Coin is 1 billion and the circulation is 100 million. Details can be found in distribution plan of BDB whitepaper.

Singapore Address : 10 ANSON ROAD #11-20